The Ex version of Leopard is coming…

Story behind Leopard Ex: Last year before the WYYC in Shanghai, we released the 1st high-end bimetal design- U2 Leopard. Which got good fame in professional yoyo market. And it become the signature choice of Team Vosun / Canadian Champion – Terrance. After the WYYC, Terrance told us his idea to get a more powerful Read more about The Ex version of Leopard is coming…[…]


Latest undersize yoyo ‘Zebra’

The Vosun Zebra (1Sx) is Vosun’s newest undersize yoyo that is a heap of fun to play with! The Zebra’s simple, curved shape, and small footprint provides a super comfortable throw, that is fast a nimble on the string. The Zebra is made of 6061 aluminium, new matt surfacetreatment, has a super smooth feel, and Read more about Latest undersize yoyo ‘Zebra’[…]


Vosun 1st titanium yoyo V1-TiMe preview

VOSUN-V1 Item: V1 – TiMe Data: 64g / 54.5mm / 43.6mm Material: Titanium alloy Version: Standard (Raw) / Premium (Shine ring) V1 TiMe is the 1st titanium alloy yoyo by Vosun. Before making V1, we have made various type of Ti products. And  the simple classic shape design for prototypes. After effect graphic shared on Facebook & 91yoyo Read more about Vosun 1st titanium yoyo V1-TiMe preview[…]

Vosun 4S ‘ROGUE’ Global cooperation design series yoyo release

The 4S ‘ROGUE’ was named as ‘Kiadó Minták’ when the prototype was shared.  ‘Kiadó Minták is means prototype in Hungarian. Maybe many players thought it was K-M. But final, we discuss with designer Alfredo Mascali Bonet(Spain)  & Dávid Fehér(Hungary), there comes the final name ‘ROGUE’ and engraving from David. Why said 4S as global cooperation design. Vosun welcome nice yoyo players show their Read more about Vosun 4S ‘ROGUE’ Global cooperation design series yoyo release[…]

Bimetal yoyo design V9 prototype

In this year 2015, bimetal design is the most hot item. For year, we made almost 3,000 bimetals for different shape & structures.How can it made to stable & tight? We met this issue when met some designs. Shrinkage is different from stainless steel & aluminum body.The data in program design file is OK dosen’t Read more about Bimetal yoyo design V9 prototype[…]