vosun bimetal yoyo eragon2

Eragon2 the next powerful bimetal yoyo design from VOSUN

The newest bi-metal addition to VOSUN is Eragon2, modify version based Eragon. But more width, more rim weight. Inspired by KiSA V shape design. Eragon2 has 2 more curves to get more weight on the rim. Almost 0.9:1 with the weight distribution. “With Eragon2, you can do much fast speed string tricks with long spinning time. Read more about Eragon2 the next powerful bimetal yoyo design from VOSUN[…]

The Ex version of Leopard is coming…

Story behind Leopard Ex: Last year before the WYYC in Shanghai, we released the 1st high-end bimetal design- U2 Leopard. Which got good fame in professional yoyo market. And it become the signature choice of Team Vosun / Canadian Champion – Terrance. After the WYYC, Terrance told us his idea to get a more powerful Read more about The Ex version of Leopard is coming…[…]

Release news of V3-TiPOWER

V3-TiPOWER Pantone colors: BLACK C / 60-16C / 9063U As many customer asking “do you provide bimetal Titanium manufacturing service”. What’s the difference? Yeah, its the strong & expensive material -TITANIUM! V6-Petrichor the original design from Team VOSUN-Eren & Zbyszek in year 2015. Which become a favor choice for many players. Years later, Eren made an update Read more about Release news of V3-TiPOWER[…]