vosun bimetal yoyo eragon2

Eragon2 the next powerful bimetal yoyo design from VOSUN

The newest bi-metal addition to VOSUN is Eragon2, modify version based Eragon. But more width, more rim weight. Inspired by KiSA V shape design. Eragon2 has 2 more curves to get more weight on the rim. Almost 0.9:1 with the weight distribution. “With Eragon2, you can do much fast speed string tricks with long spinning time. Read more about Eragon2 the next powerful bimetal yoyo design from VOSUN[…]

New colorways of EZSPiN 2018

EZSPiN short for “easy spin”. As the 1st design of polishing ring yo-yo in VOSUN series. More weight distributing in out ring area, make EZSPiN powerfull in throw. The polishing ring make it  a bimetal look, but its monmetal in fact. This time we have a test with small bimetal run for HOTYO series. Name it HV Read more about New colorways of EZSPiN 2018[…]


Latest undersize yoyo ‘Zebra’

The Vosun Zebra (1Sx) is Vosun’s newest undersize yoyo that is a heap of fun to play with! The Zebra’s simple, curved shape, and small footprint provides a super comfortable throw, that is fast a nimble on the string. The Zebra is made of 6061 aluminium, new matt surfacetreatment, has a super smooth feel, and Read more about Latest undersize yoyo ‘Zebra’[…]

About Aluminum Alloys

At Precision Armament we are setting a new standard in lightweight tactical performance by taking advantage of this revolutionary alloy and its extraordinary mechanical properties.   We don’t believe the consumer should have to choose between the ‘high-strength’ of a heavy steel product versus the ‘light-weight’ of a fragile aluminum one.  Tennalum® 7068 offers both, the strength Read more about About Aluminum Alloys[…]