Material: Titanium
Weight(g): 65
Width(mm) 43
Diameter (mm) 54.5
Gap Width (mm) 4.6
Bearing Size Grooved
Gap Type Fixed
Axle 10mm SUS304

Since TiMe release ,Vosun become 1 of the titanium yoyo world family. When 1st premium TiMe release, Vosun got various eyesight from players around the world. Amazing polishing ring with a bimetal outlook.Ofacuse it sod out in a very short time. When release release V1, many professional players give their feedbacks and advice for us. Whcih push us the maind to produce an updating titanium based V1. Thats how V2-KOREYOSHI design comes.

‘KOREYOSHI’ orignal from Japanese ‘これよし’, that’s means ‘This is a good item’. That we want to make Koreyoshi yoyos as world’s top series.

Since the 1st high luxury grade polishing ring yoyo V1 polishing was manufacture in a top class watch factory who made luxury watch for famous brands. The craftsman told us,titanium material are easy get hot & catch firre when processing.

Then how it works? Release something new to the yoyo world is not a dish. As he said most titanium watch made with classical wire drawing tech or grinding process. Not so much with Electroplating process/anodize or polishing.But current yoyo onsale, mostly are raw. Making a polishing would looks like bimetal ring would be so cool. Then we did.

At same time, 1st titanium yoyo was named ‘TiMe’, even thats means time. Also watch would transmit this idea. When V2 release, here come together with a simple style collection watch.