Model: SN3
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Weight(g): 65
Width(mm) 43(KK bearing)
Diameter (mm) 56
Gap Width (mm) 2.75/4.5
Bearing Size Slim flat/KK replaceable
Gap Type Fixed
Axle M4x10mm unresponsive/M4X8mm responsive

Mintha is a water god original from Greek mythology, Minthe is an Underworld Naiad nymph associated with the river Cocytus.
Born in June – the Rainy season in South China, the SN3-Mintha quote the raindrop & wave element in the design. Nearly H shape design, put more rim weight, which bring more stable, powerful & long spinning time with 1 throw.
Mintha is also fit slim bearing for basic easy responsive tricks. This would be friendly design for beginner & traditional responsive yoyo trick fans.

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