Diameter (mm) 56
Width(mm) 48
Weight(g): 65
Gap Width (mm) 4.6
Bearing Size wing Shape
Gap Type Fixed
Axle M4*10mm

Eragon3 is the 3rd version of Eragon bimetal series. Tri-material used in the Eragon3 series. More wide and more sharp for fast speed competetion tricks.
Eragon series are designed by team vosun player-KUN from Peiking, who has been playing yoyo for more than 10 yrs, and he has also insist teaching many yougn players for yrs. Some of them become champion in different styles.
KUN is big fun of Kamen Rider, that’s why he choose Eragon for this bimteal series. What he said “I really love it, this 3rd ver has beyond previous design, that’s what design in my mind now come to reality”.

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