Body Material Al-6061-T6
Rim SUS304 plating
Diameter (mm) 56.5
Width(mm) 47
Weight(g): 66.3
Gap Width (mm) 4.6
Bearing Size Premium KK
Axle 10mm SUS304

As a new generation of yo-yo players born in 2006, Lijiahao launched the first signature yoyo design “EMiSSARY“.

We still remember Lijiahao using EZSPiN No.4 to participate in the 2021 national competition which is the first show in the public contest. With only 3yrs of yoyo practice, he was able to complete the ultra-difficult tricks Hook 5.5, which is remarkable even in domestic.

Lijiahao said “It was EZSPiN No.4, who brought me into the contest club, it has a very special meaning for me.”

After winning the 1A runner-up in the Zhuhai Contest, Lijiahao plans to make a professional competetion grade EZSPiN, on the premise of keeping the EZSPiN No.4 design words, more wider & more rim weight which works better in mordern competions. Months prototype test and reviced, the final design came out.

He named it “EMiSSARY“, meaning unforget the mission and forge ahead.
yoyo_emissary (1)