The Ex version of Leopard is coming…

Story behind Leopard Ex:
Last year before the WYYC in Shanghai, we released the 1st high-end bimetal design- U2 Leopard. Which got good fame in professional yoyo market. And it become the signature choice of Team Vosun / Canadian Champion – Terrance. After the WYYC, Terrance told us his idea to get a more powerful and lighter version of Leopard. After various prototype made and test, we made it final total weight around 63g, and put more weight on the outer rim with a bigger size SUS ring. The 1st round raw SUS ring series only sale in domestic China market. And tried the black coated ring to make it more birilliant. Black ring series will release on 2019.4.15 world wide.VOS793

2 versions Compare ↓

New bimetal design U2-Leopard release