Jakub signature yoyo ‘Space Cookie’ V5 release

The Space Cookie is the signature yo-yo of Vosun team player  Jakub Wawrzyniak (Nick name: Kombo) . Kombo is a talent player,open & positive, he spend holidays traveling around to meet yoyo friends, join & orgnize various contest & promote Vosun yoyo cultures. Got UK Champion in 1A in his yoyoing career. He also funded the yoyo promotion Read more about Jakub signature yoyo ‘Space Cookie’ V5 release[…]

Yoyo 5S Crawler2 new version release

Original design by Team Vosun Eren Atas. In fact we’ve made 3 different shape before 1st mass productions. Although, many players love this design and sold out in short time.  In the 1st version color way, solid/splash lines. This is a success design in Vosun series. We considering to make this to a top finger Read more about Yoyo 5S Crawler2 new version release[…]