Chai Saiw Jing – New part of team VOSUN

Chai Siaw Jing – Is a junior yoyo talent from Malaysia. She is a VOSUN fan since the begining of her yoyo career. And finally she use VOSUN Aten to got the 2019 National Champion tittle of Malaysia in 3A division. As a menber of sport club Yo-Blitz Kuchin, she promote yoyo cultrue with the teams. Read more about Chai Saiw Jing – New part of team VOSUN[…]

The Ex version of Leopard is coming…

Story behind Leopard Ex: Last year before the WYYC in Shanghai, we released the 1st high-end bimetal design- U2 Leopard. Which got good fame in professional yoyo market. And it become the signature choice of Team Vosun / Canadian Champion – Terrance. After the WYYC, Terrance told us his idea to get a more powerful Read more about The Ex version of Leopard is coming…[…]


New offstring 4A design – Fighter release

Since 4 years ago, we released the 1st offstring design V8. VOSUN enter the 4A series. Now come the latest design Fighter. We discussed with VOSUN teams, and in the WYYC, also met with some 4A talents to share the ideas. Yeah, we got so many improving suggestions. In 4A manufacturing process, we need to Read more about New offstring 4A design – Fighter release[…]


World Yoyo Contest 2018 Clip – Present by VOSUN

Yo-yos as a toy are a childhood memory for many people, but for others, it’s a competitive sport that they take very seriously indeed. This year, the annual YoYo championships, organized by the International Yo-Yo Federation, are being held in China for the first time, and more than 500 contestants are taking part. You may Read more about World Yoyo Contest 2018 Clip – Present by VOSUN[…]

U1-TiPS The titanium yo-yo design drop news

2 years ago, we release the 1st titanium design TiME in MAY. Before the design drop to CNC machine, we test various throws and got some tips from yo-yo players. “Full size, speeding, thin inner wall, bearings etc.” All with everything we got these tips-“The simple, the best.” Give up polishing ring, we focus on improving Read more about U1-TiPS The titanium yo-yo design drop news[…]


OKKAR[ultra] – New bimetal design 2018

The latest design OKKAR[ultra] is here. 9S OKKAR was a finspin design yo-yo years ago. We got various asking like “will it come with a version”? After discussion with some talent players, a new bimetal version of OKKAR is coming, with ultra powerful spin. You will find new update middle finspin design & new weight distributions. If Read more about OKKAR[ultra] – New bimetal design 2018[…]