FYFT Co-Version EZSPiN released

FYFT is one of our long-term retail partners. In the past their name was Yoyomania. Since our first 1S Stary model together we have been spreading the positivity to all kinds of players, just as our logo says.

EZspin FYFT  edition is a great example of our OEM Service. This edition is released right now! FYFT.cz has gotten EOM yoyos since the trustworthy 3S Van-sword model. They have been using them for their team, merch, and limited giveaways, including their unique brand color combinations.

The idea of FYFT  is Fill your free time. We all think that yoyoing is a great activity for everybody. It increases creativity and you have to try it in person to get the feeling and experience of yo-yoing.
If you are interested in our OEM Service, please contact us.