Release news of V3-TiPOWER


Pantone colors: BLACK C / 60-16C / 9063U

As many customer asking “do you provide bimetal Titanium manufacturing service”. What’s the difference? Yeah, its the strong & expensive material -TITANIUM!

V6-Petrichor the original design from Team VOSUN-Eren & Zbyszek in year 2015. Which become a favor choice for many players. Years later, Eren made an update design based Petrichor – the SUS Bimetal version.

With these ideas in mind, finally we made the prototype. Both Ti&SUS ring material with a same design.



Finally, it come out the 1st prototypes. Left is SUS ring, the right one is titanium ring. Then we post it on Instagram, SUS bimetal weight 80g, and Ti ver is 67g. Which is your choice? We got various interesting feedback. Can we do both?



Yeah, we did it. A same aluminum body with Titanium version & SUS version for choice. Only 100PCS of Titanium version & 50PCS of SUS version choice. In order to make the SUS version to a professional grade yoyo. A different narrow size SUS ring is made as below.


55mm/39.5mm/65g (SUS version only 50pcs-BLACK/RED)


56mm/42.5mm/64g (Ti version only 100pcs-BLACK-RED-LIGHT GREEN)


Both in hand as above

Colors & the Luxury Packing for TiPOWER