Latest undersize yoyo ‘Zebra’




The Vosun Zebra (1Sx) is Vosun’s newest undersize yoyo that is a heap of fun to play with! The Zebra’s simple, curved shape, and small footprint provides a super comfortable throw, that is fast a nimble on the string.

The Zebra is made of 6061 aluminium, new matt surfacetreatment, has a super smooth feel, and it looks great with a cute little rocking zebra printing.

But the BEST thing about the Zebra, is that it is designed to be played responsive as well! Just add the Zebra Responsive Kit option , and you’ll get a half-spec bearing and a smaller axle that you can swap in to turn the Zebra into a fun responsive yoyo!


So, go undersize with Vosun – it’s super fun!

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