Vosun 1st titanium yoyo V1-TiMe preview

titanium yoyo

Item: V1 – TiMe
Data: 64g / 54.5mm / 43.6mm
Material: Titanium alloy
Version: Standard (Raw) / Premium (Shine ring)


V1 TiMe is the 1st titanium alloy yoyo by Vosun. Before making V1, we have made various type of Ti products. And  the simple classic shape design for prototypes. After effect graphic shared on Facebook & 91yoyo forum, we got many update advice for the design. 64/65/66g were made based the design, after weeks of testing. The design with 64g was final choosen.

Titanium yoyo Vosun Time

Name for TiMe.
‘Ti’ is short for titanium, means the luxury body material.
‘Me’ means individual character, as like V1 unique design displays. Also ‘Me’ pronunciation ‘Mi’ , which means funs and the craftsman spirit in Chinese.