Vosun 4S ‘ROGUE’ Global cooperation design series yoyo release

Vosun yoyo ROGUE 4S

The 4S ‘ROGUE’ was named as ‘Kiadó Minták’ when the prototype was shared.  ‘Kiadó Minták is means prototype in Hungarian. Maybe many players thought it was K-M. But final, we discuss with designer Alfredo Mascali Bonet(Spain)  & Dávid Fehér(Hungary), there comes the final name ‘ROGUE’ and engraving from David.

Why said 4S as global cooperation design. Vosun welcome nice yoyo players show their dream. Alfredo Mascali Bonet is the head of Spain yo yo Association, has contribute his life for yoyo more than 10 years. Dávid Fehér is an active man, likes bicycle sport & yoyo. Also design nice yoyos for some other companies before.

Vosun yoyo ROGUE 4S

4S was shared during CEYY2015 in Spain and got nice feedbacks with sample test.Now it comes finaly. Original mass productions are totally prototype based. In the first run, 4 color ways release. 2 of them has already taken by FYYA & AEY during pre-order time. Now another 2 limit 3 xsplash colors for public. If you like round smooth yoyo, special color way, ROGUE is here for you.

vosun yoyo 4S