Jakub signature yoyo ‘Space Cookie’ V5 release


The Space Cookie is the signature yo-yo of Vosun team player  Jakub Wawrzyniak (Nick name: Kombo) . Kombo is a talent player,open & positive, he spend holidays traveling around to meet yoyo friends, join & orgnize various contest & promote Vosun yoyo cultures. Got UK Champion in 1A in his yoyoing career. He also funded the yoyo promotion club  Thrower Worldwide.

vosun yoyo 4S

It has been almost 1 year for preparing Space Cookie. Early 2015, Kombo share his idea for designing a competition grade yoyo. And send his draft for prototype. In the mid term, come out Ver1.0. With months test & update revice, Space Cookie finally comes.

Weight: 65.5 grams
Width: 44.8 mm
Diameter: 56 mm
Response: Vosun red pad
Gap Width: 4.3 mm
Bearing Size: Center Trac

Color way: Green based gray mix silver, copper color based with gray splash.

Release Date: November 20th, 2015

Now everything is ready, Space Cookie is coming.