Vosun 4S ‘ROGUE’ Global cooperation design series yoyo release

The 4S ‘ROGUE’ was named as ‘Kiadó Minták’ when the prototype was shared.  ‘Kiadó Minták is means prototype in Hungarian. Maybe many players thought it was K-M. But final, we discuss with designer Alfredo Mascali Bonet(Spain)  & Dávid Fehér(Hungary), there comes the final name ‘ROGUE’ and engraving from David. Why said 4S as global cooperation design. Vosun welcome nice yoyo players show their Read more about Vosun 4S ‘ROGUE’ Global cooperation design series yoyo release[…]

Jakub signature yoyo ‘Space Cookie’ V5 release

The Space Cookie is the signature yo-yo of Vosun team player  Jakub Wawrzyniak (Nick name: Kombo) . Kombo is a talent player,open & positive, he spend holidays traveling around to meet yoyo friends, join & orgnize various contest & promote Vosun yoyo cultures. Got UK Champion in 1A in his yoyoing career. He also funded the yoyo promotion Read more about Jakub signature yoyo ‘Space Cookie’ V5 release[…]

Bimetal yoyo design V9 prototype

In this year 2015, bimetal design is the most hot item. For year, we made almost 3,000 bimetals for different shape & structures.How can it made to stable & tight? We met this issue when met some designs. Shrinkage is different from stainless steel & aluminum body.The data in program design file is OK dosen’t Read more about Bimetal yoyo design V9 prototype[…]

About Aluminum Alloys

At Precision Armament we are setting a new standard in lightweight tactical performance by taking advantage of this revolutionary alloy and its extraordinary mechanical properties.   We don’t believe the consumer should have to choose between the ‘high-strength’ of a heavy steel product versus the ‘light-weight’ of a fragile aluminum one.  Tennalum® 7068 offers both, the strength Read more about About Aluminum Alloys[…]