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About logo (Download: PDF for print / PNG for web)
VOSUN is an American registered trademark. Main color red get from the traditional Chinese Red. Combine with VOSUN and sun shine design.
The main ‘SUN’ is the source of nature. ‘V’ from Victory, ‘O’ from Open.
‘VO’ also explan main traditional culture of I Ching (the Book of Changes).
The 3 different size of circle means ‘Moon, Earth, Sun’, which also means different level. The arcs means sun light.

Slogan: Discover More
Value: Honest, Passion, Innovation, Sharing
Totem: Sun 

Brand positioning
World famous professional yoyo brand, high cost performance premium yoyo manufacturer.



CE (EN71) certificate :T5161027****TY (Verified by SGS)

China licence code: 91440300MA5****723
US Trademark code: 5400795
HongKong BR code: 6421***8

Account name:  Vosun Co.,Limited (HSBC)
Paypal / Alipay / West Union for choice


Events & Sponsored


We are happy to sponsor the world class professional yoyo contest. Would be glad to sponsor VOSUN™ items as winner prize.
Please contact us, if you have idea to orgnize some new contest. Team player Application  online.


CYCC Shanghai Yoyo Contest Zhejiang Yoyo Open Jilin Yoyo Contest Liaoning Yoyo Contest YoyoLeague of LN HigherLearning Heilongjiang Yoyo Contest
National China Yoyo Contest East China Yoyo Contest Southeast China Yoyo Contest China Central Yoyo Contest
European Yoyo Championship Instagram Video Contest Malaysia Yoyo Championship Austrian YoYo Contest Austrian Yoyo Contest France Yoyo Contest
Bay Area Classic YoYo Contest New York State Yoyo Contest NewYork Yoyo Slam Hungarian Yoyo National Polish Yoyo Nationals Japan Yoyo League
Pennsylvania Yoyo Contest Spain Yoyo National Kuala Lumpur contest HJC Intl Yo-Yo Contest UK National YoYo Contest South Poland Classic
Vosun Yoyo Contest Italian Yoyo Contest UK Southern Regional YoYo Contest Indonesia  Yoyo Championship Canada National Yoyo Contest East Canada Yoyo contest

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