VOSUN® is a leading premium yoyo manufacturer.

Welcome to VOSUN Yoyo official. The world famous professional yoyo brand, high cost performance premium yoyo manufacturer.
Providing suply chain sevice around yoyo products,  not only CNC metal parts OEM service but also strings, axle, bearing etc.


About VOSUN logo (Download: PDF for print / JPG for web)
VOSUN® is an registered trademark. Combine with VOSUN and sun shine design.
The main ‘SUN’ is the source of nature. ‘V’ from Victory, ‘O’ from Open.
‘VO’ also explan main traditional culture of I Ching (the Book of Changes).
The 3 different size of circle means ‘Moon, Earth, Sun’, which also means different level. The arcs means sun light.

Slogan: Discover More
Value: Honest, Passion, Innovation, Sharing
Totem: Sun 


Events & Sponsored


We are happy to sponsor the world class professional yoyo contest. Would be glad to sponsor VOSUN™ items as winner prize.
Please contact us, if you have idea to orgnize some new contest. Team player Application  online.